The Zoomer: The 21st-Century Kid That Society is Raising

The Basic Zoomer

The Kid/Teen that drinks Mountain Dew and eats Doritos while playing Fortnite

The Zoomer is the embodiment of the 4chan underground culture in society. They are the ones that are always screaming, “Oh baby, a triple!” or shouting about how they “no-scoped a noob” on Call of Duty. They also like playing Fortnite and make fun of Minecraft.

Zoomer crying after being mocked on Fortnite and losing, probably

So what does this have to do with their place in society?

In all seriousness, this Zoomer is very toxic and can be very much a nightmare for a parent to deal with. I’m not a supporter of “physical discipline”, spanking your children or whipping them with a belt. I have plenty of opinions on that. However, it feels like the Zoomer can be an exception to that rule.

Are they part of the problem in society?

Honestly, yes. When you aren’t held responsible to your actions, you think you can get away with it.

The House that Made the Zoomer

Look, I know this went from talking about a meme to talking about Jake Paul. But the point here is this: the house that made both Jake and Logan Paul is the house that made the Zoomer: An upper-middle-class family, usually white and living in the suburbs, whose parents are hard-workers, the soccer moms, and the breadwinner fathers, who buy expensive things to make their child happy.



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Michael Roy

Michael Roy

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