Five Reasons I Can’t Take Colin Cowherd Seriously

His hatred for Baker Mayfield is almost unending

Now, I know that Baker Mayfield hasn’t lived up to his potential this year, and he’s in the “sophomore slump” as they call it in the football world. But man oh man, has he been critical of him ever since he was the number one draft pick by the Cleveland Browns in 2018.

Cowherd points out Baker’s antics as a sign of “poor-decision making”

His main crux against Baker Mayfield is his “poor decision-making”. The one point he goes to with this is after the 2016 college football season when he got arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct with the charges for resisting arrest being dropped.

His Love for Sam Darnold is unreal

This might make me dislike Colin Cowherd the most. He will defend Sam Darnold to his dying breath no matter how abysmal he plays. You can look up videos of him calling Darnold, “Thick, trunky, and a man with a Midwest ethos.” (Whatever the hell that means. I’m from the Midwest and never heard this before Colin used the phrase.)

He never blames Sam Darnold, he blames the New York Jets as a whole

Whenever Sam Darnold has a bad game, Cowherd will recognize that. However, there’s always a “but” right next to it whenever he does. He always points to the lack of WR talent (even though Jamison Crowder is pretty good), bad run game (even though they have Le’Veon Bell), bad O-line (can’t argue that), and sometimes he’ll even blame the defense (they’re just shy of a top 5 defense and are the number one rushing defense in the NFL right now). He always has an excuse to bail out Sam Darnold.

The similarity of their stats show how much of a hypocrite Colin Cowherd is

Let’s go head to head here: Darnold vs Mayfield. Darnold’s completion percentage of 63% is better than Mayfield’s at 60%. Better, but not great. Mayfield also has a slightly higher stat of yards per attempt than Darnold. His total yards per game is slightly higher as well, and he’s taken as many sacks as Darnold if not more. (I’m adjusting for when Darnold was out with mono for a month

His Old School Way of Thinking Can Blind Him From the Obvious

Just today, Colin Cowherd had a section on the Cowboys saying, “There’s two kinds of people in the world. Those who embrace tech, and those who don’t.” Here’s why that’s laughable coming from him.

He Believes Character Will Win Football Games

This is another thing that kind of ties up my frustrations with him criticizing Baker Mayfield while giving love to Sam Darnold. It seems like no matter how bad you play, Colin Cowherd will stick up for you if you show sparks of talent and are a likable person.

He Trusts the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys More than the Minnesota Vikings, two teams the Vikings have beaten this year

I haven’t heard him talk about this recently (I wanted to write this article a long time ago), but I remember the segment around Halloween called “Trick or Treat” where Colin picked which teams were good (treats), and which teams he didn’t like (tricks). The Philadelphia Eagles were 4–4, the Dallas Cowboys were 4–3, and the Minnesota Vikings were 6–2. Guess which team was the trick?


Colin Cowherd is very well respected. I like his show (also like Joy Taylor too) and his hot takes, though sometimes laughable, can be quite entertaining and fascinating. He even admits it himself, he’ll whiff on a lot of things. However, when it comes to opinions he really believes in, he doubles down whenever he is wrong instead of admitting, “You know what? I think I was wrong about Sam Darnold and Lamar Jackson.”



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